Over And Under The Rainforest

Over And Under The Rainforest

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Award-winning duo Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal take readers on a thrilling tour of one of the most diverse ecosystems on planet earth: the rainforests of Central America.

Part of the critically acclaimed Over and Under series that includes Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt and Over and Under the Snow !

Under the canopy of the rainforest hundreds of animals make their homes, but up in the leaves hides another world. Turn the pages of this beautiful and educational book to discover in words and mesmerizing illustration: • Animals like the slender parrot snake and the blue morpho butterfly.
• The canopies where toucans and pale-billed woodpeckers chatter and call.
• Capuchin monkeys who swing from vines and slow-moving sloths who wait out daily thunderstorms.
• And much more!

Discover the wonder that lies hidden among the roots, above the winding rivers, and under the emerald leaves of the rainforest in this glorious nature book for children and adults alike. Perfect for anyone who can't get enough of the rainforest and all the animals living in it.

SO MUCH TO LEARN: Every page within this book is an adventure. In addition to the rainforest flora and fauna explored throughout, there are twenty animals that live on the ground and in the forest canopy and the rivers listed in the back matter, along with further reading suggestions. It's a wonderful resource for children who have an interest in the natural world.

POPULAR NATURE KIDS BOOKS: The entire Over and Under series is beloved by parents, educators, and young readers who cherish the engaging text, diverse characters, and stunning artwork that provide an opportunity to explore nature usually hidden from us. They are great for story time as well as school and homeschool libraries for developing lessons that delve inside ecosystems.

NONFICTION BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: Unique in their approach, author Kate Messner and illustrator Christopher Silas Neal create books that channel the mystery and magic of the natural world. Kirkus Reviews describes Over and Under the Rainforest as part outdoor adventure, part animal nonfiction book" and says "this exciting blend will delight children interested in fact and fiction."

Perfect for: • Parents, grandparents, librarians, science teachers, and educators
• Gift for kids who love nature, rainforests, animals, and learning more about the world
• Readers who like The Rainforest Grew All AroundThe Magic and Mystery of TreesPlanting a Rainbow, and A Seed Is Sleepy and other books in the Nature Books series by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long